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Jim Victor and Marie Pelton’s website is a gallery of inspiration for our clients (new and old), chronicling the food sculpture work from the past 25 plus years. Rarely do Jim and Marie repeat the same sculpture. Each project is created specifically for each individual client and their event. Food as sculpture is a temporary medium. The majority of the sculptures in our portfolio are long gone but live on in the world of photographic imagery. What can we make for you?

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Basics of Portraiture Blog

Hi and welcome back to our video blog,   Last week’s question to our viewers…”What food product would you use to depict a snowy landscape?” Is a window into our world when we are creating various food sculptures and is the type of question running through our minds as we peruse grocery store aisles. And…
2017 Harry Connick, Jr. Butter Portrait

Weekly Blog with updates on Dr. Oz & Harry Connick, Jr appearances

As part of our weekly post, Jim and I shot this video outside –the day after a huge Nor’easter snow storm – and there’s a reason! But you have to watch ‘til the end of the video to find out. The Vlog post brings an update on the Dr. Oz excursion that we went on…

Making Milton Hershey – Part 2 Time Lapse: Adding the Chocolate

This is the second of a two part series of time lapse videos showing the making of our full size portrait of Hershey’s chocolate founder, Milton Hershey. This sculpture was created for Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey, PA as part of their Chocolate Covered February event. The first phase, the making of the armature was…

Time Lapse Video – Making Milton Hershey – Part 1 The Armature

It was a privilege for us to partner with Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey, PA for a second year in a row, creating another chocolate creation for their “Chocolate Covered February” event. The 2018 sculpture was kept a well guarded secret until it’s official debut on the first weekend of February and was a delight…