Jim Victor and Marie Pelton Food Sculpture create original works of art from butter, cheese, chocolate, fruits and vegetables, candy, caramel, bacon and more. We work with our clients to produce a unique and memorable sculpture that may embody a specific theme for your event, commemorate an anniversary, or highlight a new food product. Much preparation goes into every sculpture that we do. Each one is built onto an armature that holds the material up and in place. These supports are an integral part of the success of a piece and are made individually and prior to the event. After the armature is made we travel to your site and begin sculpting in the food material needed to complete the sculpture. These food sculptures are meant for display only and are not meant for consumption. In addition, specific temperatures are required for certain foods. For instance, we sculpt the butter in temperatures ranging from 45 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Some venues have a booth that can accommodate the temperature requirements and in other instances we travel with a refrigerated booth that can create the temperatures needed. This trailer has large windows whereby people can watch us while we work.

Cost is based on the overall scope of work, so please call us with ideas that you have for food sculpture. What can we make for you?

Please contact us to discuss your project at:

Jim Victor: email – jimvictor@verizon.net, Cell #610-574-4261, Landline#610-825-1274

Marie Pelton: email – mariepelton@verizon.net, Cell 610-608-2921, Landline# 610-825-1274