It was a privilege for us to partner with Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey, PA for a second year in a row, creating another chocolate creation for their “Chocolate Covered February” event. The 2018 sculpture was kept a well guarded secret until it’s official debut on the first weekend of February and was a delight for all that attended. The life size Milton Hershey sculpture paid tribute to his legacy of making milk chocolate a treat all people could afford as well as his philanthropic dedication to the Hershey School orphanage he opened to care for and educate children in need.

This video shows Part 1 of the process of Making Milton Hershey – The Armature Stage. A strong armature is a necessity when creating sculpture, especially when you are dealing with food materials that can be very soft. This armature also will have to hold up while it’s being transported to it’s final destination as a finished sculpture, so it is imperative the a thoughtful design be laid out ahead. In this time lapse video you will see Jim and I, creating the understructure first out of metal and then adding foam which we carve down into a very close likeness to the image of our subject, a standing Milton Hershey. We spent about 12 days creating the armature. In a follow up video we will share with you Part 2 that will show us applying milk chocolate on top of the understructure and finishing the life sized sculpture with the necessary detail and patina.

We also ask that you share with us your thoughts on what you are seeing, so ask us an interesting question and post it in the comment area! We look forward to hearing from you.


Marie and Jim



  1. Joell Taggart says:

    Fascinating…now I know how you stay so trim! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Administrator says:

      Hi Joell,
      Thanks for watching! Yes, sculpting is very physical work and good thing…our will is sometimes no match when we’re working with delicious melted chocolate.:)
      Marie and Jim

  2. Eileen McDonnell says:

    Hi, Marie and Jim–
    What a fascinating video..I can’t wait to see Part 2! I love that you provided the preparatory steps, it’s definitely an exciting example of the sculptural process.

    1. Administrator says:

      Hi Eileen,
      Thanks for the feedback. Let us know how you like the next video and give us suggestions on how to improve! We want to create an educational component to our video making.
      Marie and Jim

  3. Larry Keating says:

    Jim and Marie: Great video — Hollywood is next!
    Larry Keating

    1. Administrator says:

      Thanks, Larry! We’ve got our sunglasses on already!;)

  4. Hi Jim and Marie…you are doing a great job of making your unique works accessible to us all. This time lapse is fascinating. I personally would like to see it run a little slower so I could comprehend more of your magic.

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Administrator says:

      Hi Tom,
      I’m going to address this issue on the next video and in the future add in some real time video footage! Thanks for watching.
      Marie and Jim

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